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Experience the enjoyment of candle curation with your own personalized photo and a Pomifera our Candle Kit.

Refills are available for the candle kits. 

You will begin by melting a perfectly balanced blend of waxes, administer your chosen fragrance to your desired potency and carefully hand pour your customized scent creation into your reusable glass vessel.

Finish your masterpiece with the addition of our unique, crackling wooden wick and let the curing process begin.

Come to our event for simple instructions, you will gain an entirely new level of adoration for hand-crafted home goods.

This relaxing process of creation will envelop your working space in the aroma of your choosing, giving you a taste of what you’ll experience once your candle is complete.

Once cured, simply light the unique wooden wick that is designed for the perfect scent throw, place your candle in a safe area, free of drafts and enjoy as it fills your space with the beautifully, hand-picked scents we offer.

We will reach out to our customers for each kit purchased to begin creating your personalization. 

Feel free to email with questions at